My name is Khristine Gharlee S. Talana, prior editor of Focal Magazine and the current editor for Zarim Magazine. My mission in publishing this magazine is to express my passion through writing as well as to divert my attention on entertaining you than to contemplate on a previous downfall with that magazine two years ago. Although some of you may have thought that I had given up on writing, the last two years had actually given me the time to think and realize how entertainment has been a dream I am not ready to give up on as well as my passion in writing. Giving up is not an intention I had set for myself. As a matter of fact, my downfall had not only made me stronger, it had also taught me what LIFE is truly all about.

My vision in compiling this magazine is to unite the Filipino Community with the rest of foreign workers in Israel as well as to share my experiences of what it’s been like living here in the last 10 years. On your behalf, I am also here to provide you with the most up-todate information possible including current news and events in our homeland. Our stay here may be temporary, but the fun loving ways of the Israelis has made us to feel at home. We are truly blessed for they have not only provided us with jobs to sustain and support our family back home, but also the freedom to practice our customs, traditions and most of all our religion.

When I stopped writing, I saw my time available for tending to my written work shrink dramatically. I was no longer sending out submissions to the magazine I once had. This dismayed me greatly because I always felt in contact writing for the community which I believe essential to one’s growth as a writer. I felt increasingly isolated.

In a little over a year of being isolated, I found a site where I can pour out my thoughts and feelings which have helped me get on the writing again thou not in the community where I am in but over the net.

Directly and indirectly, that’s a total of almost 200 entries in a little over two years not to mention my other blog entries in other sites. Those kinds of numbers speak for themselves. Certainly this rate of acceptance was much better than I had ever achieved by my own machinations. Through blogging out I made contacts with editors whom I didn’t even know were on the map, and such contacts reaffirmed my belief that not all editors are of a garden variety. There really is great variation out there, and many have been gracious enough to read my own work with enthusiasm.

Sheer statistics aside, blogging-out has provided me with intangible benefits as well. The knowledge that my work is «getting out» is invaluable. There is nothing more frustrating than working on a piece, and after it seems finished, wondering if it will ever be looked at. Before I blog out my emotions, I would get a sinking feeling that the write-ups I had just finished was just an artifact of my own mental stirrings, a relic that was sure to remain buried on some lonely hard drive. This feeling has subsided, and it has removed the ghost-whorelegates-objects-to-obscurity from looking over my shoulder as I write. It has loosened me up because I realized that I write from within and because I felt that it is needed to be heard not just for the heck of it.

Your opinions and constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Carpe diem!

From The Desk of the Managing Editor, Khristine Gharlee S. Talana