ZARIM (From the Hebrew word: FOREIGNER / STRANGER)

Commonly asked questions:

What made you decide to call the magazine ZARIM?
ZARIM exists on her own, with her own unique complications. What’s cool about the magazine is the fact that it is able to serve the needs of foreign workers in Israel. ZARIM is a combination of many different problems and needs that I know of. There are some values and quirks of mine that I threw in there as well as some of my family member and closest friends. I used to write my editorial’s note, and other write-ups as scrambled-up versions of me, but really my writing rocks the other side of me.

What made you decide to open ZARIM?
I just turned thirty two years old, and I never thought I’d be forty years old soon. It struck me that, although I may not dress or act like it, (I do feel stuck at 18) I am now the wiser older person; the dark years of not knowing who I was and what I was supposed to do with my life are over. I am onto my next journey. But since I have younger brothers and sisters who are going through on what I have gone through, I thought it’d be nice to make the way a little less traumatic for the foreigner worker’s community in Israel. Having a magazine that is suitable for them in one stop and I am pleased to say that ZARIM is something that they can call "their magazine" because it’s done with a conviction. I can say with "conviction" because I’ve been there. Besides, I did miss writing!

Will the readers identify you without publishing your photos?
I am sure that the Filipino community knows me well and some Nepalese and Sudanese too. I have anchored myself in Israel and have considered this country as my home. These are just aspects of me that I wanted to explore and at the same time to share to my fellow migrant worker in this country.